Physical Therapist Gaithersburg, MD

If you suffer from knee pain, you may want to see a physical therapist Gaithersburg, MD trusts. With physical therapy treatments, you may be able to find relief from your pain without surgery. At the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we offer several treatment options to patients with knee pain and are ready to assist you. With the right physical therapy treatment, you may be able to get rid of your knee pain for good.

Causes of Knee Pain

A physical therapist in Gaithersburg, MD has dealt with many patients with knee pain. Some of these patients experience knee pain because of a health condition while others have knee pain because of an injury. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common causes of knee pain:

  • Osteoarthritis: This joint condition commonly affects the knees and can result in pain, inflammation and stiffness. Knee osteoarthritis can be due to many things, such as an infection, an injury, or being overweight.
  • Loose cartilage: If the knee gets injured while doing an activity, it may cause the cartilage to break off and get stuck in the joint. This may lead to pain and swelling.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome: The iliotibial band is a piece of tough tissue located in the hip and outer part of the knee. This tissue can become inflamed if a person overexerts him or herself during an activity.
  • Bursitis: A physical therapist Gaithersburg, MD respects may have also treated patients with knee pain that resulted from bursitis. If the bursa, a sac that holds fluid that’s under the skin above the joint, becomes irritated from overuse, it can result in pain and swelling in the knee.

What To Expect From Your First Physical Therapy Session

If you were referred to a physical therapist Gaithersburg, MD relies on for knee pain, you might be curious about what the first session will be like. During your first visit, a physical therapist may ask you details about your medical history and give you an examination. The examination may consist of several different tests, including:

  • Gait evaluation: During this evaluation, a Gaithersburg physical therapist is assessing how you walk. This is to assess the changes of motion in your knees as you walk.
  • Strength measurements: A strength measurement test can help determine if muscular weakness is the cause of your knee pain.
  • Balance assessment: It may also be important for a physical therapist to check your balance. If you don’t have the best balance, it can lead to excess stress in one of your knees.
  • Range of motion measurements: A physical therapist may use instruments to measure how far your knees are stretching and bending.
  • Swelling measurements: If you injured your knee, there may be swelling in the knee joint. A physical therapist Gaithersburg, MD offers may measure exactly how much swelling there is to determine the best treatment.

If you suffer from knee pain, don’t hesitate to seek treatment through physical therapy. For more information about physical therapy, or to make an appointment with a physical therapist Gaithersburg, MD depends on, contact the Pain Arthritis Relief Center at 301-710-9777.