Chiropractor Rockville MD

Chiropractor Rockville MDChiropractic treatments might make it possible to avoid surgery, which is why many choose a top chiropractor Rockville MD offers to help them resolve pain issues. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, Dr. Brian Paris provides chiropractic services for a full range of chronic pain conditions.

If you’d like to know how a Rockville MD chiropractor wellness practitioner can help you, call us at (301) 710-9777 to make an appointment with Dr. Paris. After your exam, Dr. Paris can help determine the best treatment plan for your condition. If you have not received chiropractic treatments in the past, you may find the following information helpful about what to expect when visiting a chiropractor Rockville MD locals rely on.

Chiropractic Treatments and What to Expect

Though a visit to a chiropractor in Rockville MD may be very similar to seeing other doctors, there are some key differences. The first thing you might notice is that the treatment table looks very different. A chiropractic treatment table is designed to allow the patient to position themselves and move in particular ways that allows the doctor to make adjustments to their body.

The Initial Intake Procedure

Before your first meeting with a chiropractor Rockville MD community members recommend, you will likely fill out a standard form asking about your health history and other health related questions. You may be asked to indicate areas of pain by circling them on a picture of the human body.

Chiropractic Physical Exam

The exam typically begins with a standard physical exam by Dr. Paris, a chiropractor Rockville MD clients rate highly for his expertise and knowledge. The chiropractor focuses on the areas you’ve indicated are painful. Because areas of the human body are interconnected, Dr. Paris may examine other areas as well if he feels they might be related. The physical exam may include testing reflexes, range of motion, neurological, orthopedic, palpation and muscle strength.

Treatment Plans

Based on what Dr. Paris concludes from the intake and exam, he may develop a treatment plan to address your pain. The treatment plan might also reflect your personal health and wellness goals.

Chiropractic treatment usually involves adjustments performed by Dr. Paris on specific joints in your body. By using controlled force, an adjustment to the elbow, shoulder, knee, or ankle joint may improve function and properly align your body’s structure.

Some treatments may only need one session, but others may require several adjustments over a period of time. Adjustments may be manual, mild, or Dr. Paris may elect to use non-force techniques.

In tandem with the adjustments, Dr. Paris might apply heat or ice to specific areas. Electrical stimulation may also used, if applicable. Depending on the patient’s condition and health issues, rehabilitative exercise may be recommended. Dr. Paris may also propose weight goals along with a dieting regimen and nutritional advice.

Advanced Spine & Wellness Center

Dr. Paris is a developer of the Pain Arthritis Relief Center program and has worked with thousands of patients. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we firmly believe in the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle. If you would like to learn about the benefits of working with a chiropractor Rockville MD residents respect, call us at (301) 710-9777 to make an appointment.